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Diversified Data Consulting Corp
Providing Programming Service since 1999
a Massachusetts Corporation
Web Site Services
We provide a full range of internet presence services, web site development, hosting, and maintenance.
Hosting plans: Basic, Full (client & server side programming), Dedicated Server
Hosting options: Unlimited email, Unlimited ftp, Full database support,
Shopping cart, Online transactions

Core technologies: Windows server 2003, IIS, DotNET (aspx), SQL Server 2005, Javascript

Data Programming Services
Let us use our extensive experience in programming data centric applications to stream line your business functions. We will support and upgrade existing database applications in addition to creating new ones.
Core database technologies: MS SQL server, MSAccess.
Supported database technologies: Oracle, DB2, FileMaker, Excel, etc…
Application experience: Accounting systems, Architectural / Engineering systems,
Manufacturing / Retail systems.

Hardware Services
We can readily maintain and expand upon workstation, server, and network infrastructure.
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